About us


Hush Club has been making music for the heart, the mind, and the feet since they came together in 2016.   Composed of Alasdair MacKenzie (bass, vocals), Chris Haley (guitar, vocals), and Liz Kantor (keys, vocals), the band got its start in the Boston DIY scene and released a self-titled debut album––an “impressive showing that includes acoustic-led ballads, organ-laden trips, and perkier power pop”––in 2019.  Since then, Hush Club has released several singles and played numerous shows, with more of both currently in the works.


Guitar, Vocals / Chris Haley
Bass, Vocals / Alasdair MacKenzie
Keys, Vocals / Liz Kantor



Upcoming Shows


July 18: Thunder Road, Somerville, MA

July 27: Sofar Sounds, New York City, NY

August 16: Alchemy, Providence, RI

August 17: Sofar Sounds, Boston, MA


Latest Music

Now It's Gone : Go Wrong art.jpg.jpeg

Now It’s Gone/Go Wrong


Contact us

For booking and press inquiries, please get in touch at hushclubband@gmail.com


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